I have always been a creative soul.  My whole life I envisioned myself as this “great” artist, sharing my gift with the world.  Painting, cutting, pasting, sewing, you name it, I wanted to make it.  I was never deterred in my feeling that art and making art for others was a gift one day I would be able to share.  I’ve always loved taking pictures and in 2009 decided that if this was something I was going to do I needed to get serious with it.  I jumped in head first into learning everything I possible could from the best of the best. 

Becoming a member of the Dallas Professional Photographers Association and then joining the Board of Directors as the Director of Seminars was the next logical step, being able to share my love of set design, costumes and stylized shoots with hundreds of other photographers around Texas; and, bringing in the best talent in the world to teach and instruct.  This is and probably will be, for a while, an unparalleled experience in my career.

Now, I look forward to the future, in a wonderful new location and with the best venues at my disposal.

I’m anxious to bring beautiful art into your home and provide you with cherished memories and heirloom pieces for your future generations.