In the Pacific Northwest by Stephanie Rippe

Last year, I went to see my good friend Corinne, a photographer in the Seattle area.  And, proudly I might say an excellent photographer – especially well known in the photography industry, Corinne has put out some very stellar work and is one of Epson’s spokes people.  See the link here to National Geographic’s Joe McNally’s blog to read about the ad and how it came about - scroll down and you’ll see Corinne taking pictures of the girls.  Our week together with hubby’s, dogs and friends was one of the most relaxing weeks of my life.  We enjoyed visiting and creating.  Have you ever had that one moment when you met someone for the first time and you knew you would be soul sisters forever?  Well, that happened to me and Corinne’s childhood friend Joni.  Joni came up to Corinne’s to hang out, and of course, what do 2 photographers want to do with a very sexy blond woman – TAKE PICTURES OF COURSE.  We threw a dress I brought with onto Joni and ran out into the field in front of Corinne’s house – “Joy in the Lord” is a result of that picture. 

I’m on my way back today, without the hubby this trip, so me and the girls can explore and create without having to entertain anyone else.  I’m sure we’ll come up with something else to throw Joni in – and I may just have to check a bag.

More pictures to come…..