It's never too late to learn. By Stephanie Rippe

Kelly and I have been members of the Dallas Professional Photographers Association, Professional Photographers of America and several other professional organizations for years.  The goal of these organizations is to continually teach and train photographers and to help them become better, to learn more about running and business and to keep them up to date on the newest technology.  Really, no different than any other professional organization out there.  Taking pictures is not only a passion for us, it is our profession and we take it seriously. 

Kelly and I originally met at one of the schools put on by the Texas Professional Photography association, The TPPA – Texas School of Professional Photography.  We were in the same class and graduated together.  From that point forward, we sought each other out for creative work.  We both ended up on the board of the Dallas Professional Photographers, me as the Director of Education and her as the Director of Membership. 

As Director of Education, my job was to come up with a theme, the instructors and all the trappings that come along with putting on a professional school for professional photographers.  The most fun about the job is set and costume design for the models.  I must admit – I have become addicted to themed shoots due to this assignment alone.  And, each year of being on the board and running the DPPA – Little Red Schoolhouse, I sucked Kelly into helping, you put the two of us together, along with some our other creative friends and you never know what you’ll get.  We even built a life sized baby elephant!!

This year, I’ll be attending as a student, no longer on the board, and eager to learn something new without the hard work behind organizing the event.

Below are some links to the last couple we put on and some pictures from the events – enjoy!!