Memories by Stephanie Rippe

Did you ever go through the old boxes of photos in your grandparents attic?  Or find yourself staring through pictures from the 1800’s and early 1900’s in awe of the way they lived, knowing that, although they didn’t have electricity or running water readily available to everyone, that somehow, these people spent a small fortune to get their picture taken? 

What about – ever find yourself filtering through images of relatives long gone and wonder “who had these pictures” “how cool is it to look at my relatives from 100 years ago”.

What do you think will become of this digital age?  Where do you store your mountains and mountains of digital images?  Facebook?  What happens if Facebook crashes?  What about in a storm what are the things you’ll go to first, your wedding album, pictures of Grandma and Grandpa, your computer?

The only medium we have never, ever had to upgrade from is good ‘ole fashion paper.  It’s been around in some form or fashion since before Christ was born.  What amazes me are all the documents that are still being preserved in archives all over the world, even parchment written on by the Egyptians! 

I’m really BIG into my family and making sure that we print those special pictures.  They’re lucky, because they have a professional photographer in the family.  They are always getting professional pictures taken, but even if they didn’t, I would insist upon it!  Why?  Because sometimes you need to capture that one special moment when everyone has come together for a common cause, the good ‘ole family portrait, they traveled from across the country or town or the street.  One of these days, your grandchildren, or great-great grandchildren will be looking at images that you had done and will say “look at your great-great grandmother, wasn’t she a beautiful woman?” and it will drum up all the cool things that people remember about you,

In my father’s study, every wall is covered in pictures.  I love to go in there, he’s framed them all in the same kind of frame so it doesn’t detract from the images.  They are of weddings and birthdays and graduations, of special occasions and awards ceremonies.  Every one of them has a story behind it, and looking at them, you remember the day it was taken and the event that marked the occasionWith that in mind, I set out to create an image of my father that put into perspective his personality and the love of his Memories, the things he surrounds himself daily in his work.  That’s where this image came from.  “Memories”  The other two images are of my Mom and Dad when they were young, before they were married, I walk by them every day in my living room, I smile and I wonder “What was it like to live in that era”. 

…….until next time.